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                AccuGUARD Gauges and Diaphragm Seals

                AccuGUARD Gauges are designed to enhance the performance of chemical feed systems. Adding a pressure gauge to any system will help to ensure that optimal pressure are monitored and maintained. Without proper protection, process fluids can contaminate and damage in-line instrumentation.

                AccuGUARD Diaphragm Seals are designed to protect and isolate pressure gauges and expensive instrumentation from corrosive, high temperature, or viscous process media.

                AccuGUARD Gauges


                • Gauge Diameters between 2" and 4"
                • 1/4" NPT Connections
                • Gauge housing in either a Steel case or 304 Stainless Steel
                • Brass or 316L S/S Internals
                • Five gauge indication ranges, up to 0 - 400 psig / 0 - 2800 kPa

                AccuGUARD Gauges Literature

                Accuguard Gauges

                AccuGUARD Diaphragm Seals


                • Transfers process pressure accurately without direct contact with process fluids
                • Removes the need for expensive instrumentation
                • Easily installed and available in five chemically resistant materials of construction (PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and Stainless Steel)
                • Optional diaphragm materials (Viton, EPDM, PTFE, and 316 S/S)
                • Available in 1/4" FNPT and BSPT connection types
                • Thermoplastic units rated to 240 psig (16 BARG) at 21℃ (70℉)
                • 316L S/S Units rated to 5800 psig (400 BARG) at 21℃ (70℉)

                AccuGUARD Diaphragm Seals Literature

                AccuGuard Gauge Guard in plastic and metal

                More Information on AccuGUARD Gauges and Diaphragm Seals

                AccuGUARD Gauges Product Literature

                AccuGUARD Diaphragm Seals Product Literature

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